• Image of The Krampus soy candle **PRE-ORDER**
  • Image of The Krampus soy candle **PRE-ORDER**
  • Image of The Krampus soy candle **PRE-ORDER**

"Naughty or Nice?"

All transgressions will be revealed in the ember glow of the Krampus candle.

Krampus is a mythical figure in the Alpine regions of Europe who accompanies Saint Nicholas, only instead of rewarding children with gifts he dispenses punishment and terrifies wicked boys and girls. Exceptionally naughty children may find themselves whipped with switches and stuffed into his sack to be devoured later. Krampus appears as a Satyr or goatlike figure, with horns and cloven hooves, covered in matted fur and chains with a long red lolling tongue.

Each piece is made with soy wax, eco- friendly dye, and cotton wicking to ensure a natural and high quality candle that is lead and zinc free.

Each bust of Krampus is approximately 5" tall. Available in red or green to suit the holiday season!

Each candle is cast individually by hand, and is made entirely in house. That is, from design to sculpt, to mold and wax casting. You will NOT find this product anywhere else!

**This is a pre-order listing. Candles will not begin to ship until late November. Extremely limited quantity available**

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